The European Disc Golf Championships 2023 - what an amazing journey it's been!

The European Disc Golf Championships 2023 - what an amazing journey it's been!

The most anticipated disc golf competition of 2023 in Estonia has written itself into sports history and into people’s hearts! The European Championships, held on August 16th until August 20th, took place at the historic and dignified Tallinn Song Festival Grounds. Europe’s best discgolf players competed for the title in four different divisions (MPO, FPO, MJ18 and FJ18).

Four days full of high-level disc golf offered unforgettable emotions to both players and spectators. Exciting battles for top positions could be witnessed in all divisions. An example of one of the brightest moments from the competition could be the incredible result of Egert Hütt (MJ18 division) which he showed on the first day of the competition. He played the round with the highest PDGA rating ever (1087) in the history of Estonian disc golf and mind that he is only 15 years old. The result of his first round with a score of -13 remained the course record of the European Championships 2023.

A similar mark to the history book was also made by Kristin Tattar, who played her best round so far in the second competition round. With a PDGA rating of 1054 (previous record 1033), this result is the fifth best round in the history of women’s disc golf!, EDGC2023

There was a tight competition for top positions in the MJ18 and FJ18 divisions. By the end of the fourth day the title winners were certain, especially in the FJ18 division, where the Finnish title winner Iida Lehtomäki was 11 shots ahead of the second place! The triple victory was brought to Finland by the boys of the MJ18 division, where Onni Ruusunen was crowned as the European Champion 2023.

In both, the FPO and MPO divisions, our new European Champions, Kristin Tattar (FPO) and Dennis Augustsson (MPO) were able to immediately secure a leading position and maintain it throughout the four days of the competition., EDGC2023, Kristin Tattar

Probably the most unforgettable emotions were gifted to us by the MPO and FPO divisions where Deniss Augustsson (MPO) showed us high-level disc golf both in terms of his technical skills but also strong mental game. This is also confirmed by the significant success in front of the second place, which in the final score was as much as 10 throws.

Kristin Tattar also entered the last day of the competition as a definite leader and with a significant success in front of the second place (16 throws). At that moment, no athlete or spectator could have doubted this solid success. However, nothing is certain in disc golf until the last disc is in the basket of the final round. We all witnessed Kristin Tattar’s highly emotional and difficult final and decisive round. Despite the unsuccessful final round, Kristin Tattar was crowned the European Champion 2023 and probably no reader doubts that it could have been one of the most emotional victories in the history of disc golf. Watch the video on witness those moments with your own eyes!

Results of the European Disc Golf Championship 2023:

I  Kristin Tattar (-11)
II Silva Saarinen (-8)
III Eveliina Salonen (-3)

I Dennis Augustsson (-37)
II Jesse Nieminen (-27)
III Tuomas Hyytiäinen (-25), EDGC, EDGC2023

Results of the
Junior European Disc Golf Championship 2023:

I Iida Lehtomäki (+9)
II Ida Emilie Nesse (+20)
III Kristýna Jurčíková (+31)

I Onni Ruusunen (-25)
II Elias Luukkonen (-22)
III Onni Arminen (-18), EDGC2023, EDGC2023

The MPO and FPO competition rounds of the European Championships 2023 are available via MDG Media’s YouTube channel!

You can find a large collection of pictures from different photographers here!


Photos: Mauri Levandi