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Latitude 64 | Enhance your disc golf game with Latitude 64, a Swedish company based in Skellefteå. With a vision to stand in the midst of the sport and create products that please all players, Latitude 64 aims to offer discs that are reliable, durable, and easy to control. Latitude 64 combines innovation with a passion for the sport.

Dynamic Discs | Dynamic Discs, originating in March 2005 as an internet and eBay-based online disc golf store, transitioned into a disc golf manufacturer in December 2012. Partnering with Latitude 64, Dynamic Discs designed and produced discs to meet the growing demands of the disc golf industry. With a commitment to excellence and continuous improvement, they actively engage with the disc golf community through social media, YouTube videos, and educational programs. 

Westside Discs | Founded in 2003 in Finland, Westside Discs initially imported and sold various disc brands in the Finnish market. In 2009, they collaborated with Latitude 64 to create their own line of discs, expanding their popular molds each year. Rooted in Finnish culture, Westside Discs' graphics draw inspiration from the themes and characters of the Finnish national epic Kalevala. 

Prodigy Disc | Prodigy Disc was founded to innovate disc golf, providing players with autonomy and new disc molds. In addition to creating a niche market, Prodigy Disc was the first company to pay sponsored players a salary, offering more options for world-class players. Based in Dalton, GA, Prodigy Disc's original mission was to develop a more consistent range of golf discs. 

Discraft | Born from the captivating flying disc craze of the 1970s, Discraft was founded in 1978 to address the frustrations of disc sports enthusiasts. Dissatisfied with the inconsistent flight patterns, low distance potential, and overall poor quality of available discs, Discraft emerged to provide high-performance sports equipment. Their commitment to persistent innovation, research, and development, coupled with the highest quality standards, has solidified Discraft as a leader in Disc Golf, Ultimate, and Freestyle discs worldwide. 

Kastaplast | Kastaplast, based in Stockholm, is an independent disc manufacturer aiming to create high-quality discs and gear. Rooted in the disc golf culture, Kastaplast views the sport as a grassroots movement characterized by spontaneity, individuality, and freedom. With a commitment to sustainability, Kastaplast uses solar energy and recycling to minimize its ecological footprint. 

Clash discs | Crafted in North Karelia, Finland, renowned for its plastics expertise, Clash Discs draws inspiration from Nokia's golden age. Their discs embody the legacy of a region where phone cases were exclusively produced. Leveraging this rich expertise, Clash Discs ensures top-tier features, offering the best feel in the world of disc golf. Manufactured in an area with a plastics legacy, we do it the Clash way, delivering exceptional discs that elevate your game. 

Innova | Formed in 1983, Innova is a pioneer in meeting the equipment needs of disc golfers. Creating the world's first disc designed specifically for disc golf, the Eagle, Innova established itself as the technological leader in the sport. With ongoing design innovations and product improvements, Innova remains the most popular and complete line of golf discs, offering superior feel and gradual wear for confident shot-making ability. 

Discmania | Discmania’s slogan “Reinvent Your Game” really reflects what the company stands for and that is excitement, experiences and high quality products. The company has strongly devoted itself to developing and making disc golf a global sport, with their mission being to take it into a new country every year.

Disctroyer | Born from the passion of two disc golfers in Estonia, Disctroyer sought an alternative to the inconsistent colorful discs flooding the market. With complete control over local production, Disctroyer created a unified and clear color-coded marking system for disc differentiation. Since their inception in spring 2017, Disctroyer has embraced the latest technologies, researched thoroughly, and received PDGA certification in March 2019 for their first disc.

Prodiscus | Prodiscus, established in 2006 as an importer, has grown to become the first Finnish disc golf brand to produce all its discs within the country. Founded by Kai Vesa, Prodiscus started by providing high-quality discs, bags, and equipment to players worldwide. Constantly improving its selection and fostering community growth, Prodiscus actively supports disc golf through events, education, and player sponsorship.