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Latitude 64 | Disc golf products with excellent and premium quality and design. Latitude 64’s factory is situated in northern Sweden and it is one of the largest and leading factories in the industry. As the company is hungry for innovation they are constantly raising the industry standard and you can constantly witness improvements in the products. Their product range is world famous and they cater for all types of players ranging from beginners that are new to the sport to experienced professionals. Shop now

Dynamic Discs | The mission of Dynamic Discs is to help players become better and that definitely reflects in what they do and produce. Dynamic Discs is not only active in terms of product development (an impressive bag lineup for a large variety of players, baskets for different needs and standards, a thoroughly thought out disc line) but also in building and educating the disc golf community. They have a very active and thorough social media presence and they also create YouTube videos and educational programs. Shop now

Westside Discs | Westside Discs is one of the world famous branches of the Trilogy empire. Like Latitude 64 and Dynamic Discs, Westside Discs has its own distinct characteristics. Westside Discs’ bestsellers are the following: Northman, Harp, Sword, Warship, Tursas, Boatman. Shop now

Prodigy Disc | Prodigy Disc, founded by disc golfers (Michale Sullivan and David Greenwell) started manufacturing back in 2013. The idea behind Prodigy Disc in the first place was to be a sponsor for the best players in the world to give them an opportunity to make a career out of the sport and through that also gain visibility and move the company forward. The disc line up of Prodigy Disc is constantly evolving and the provide a full selection of every type of disc. Shop now

Innova | Innova, the biggest disc golf manufacturer in the world, can most certainly be regarded as one of the companies that made disc golf popular. Not only did Innova create the four numbers we use to define the flight of a disc, Innova also came up with the first ever bevel-edged disc and later the Blizzard Technology which enables to throw longer distances. Innova is definitely a legend! Shop now

Discmania | Discmania’s slogan “Reinvent Your Game” really reflects what the company stands for and that is excitement, experiences and high quality products. The company has strongly devoted itself to developing and making disc golf a global sport. Some of their notable players are Simon Lizotte, Eagle McMahon, Kyle Klein and European champion Niklas Anttila. Shop now

Kastaplast | Kastaplast is a Swedish manufacturer who made its debut on the PDGA’s list of approved discs in 2013. When it comes to manufacturing Kastaplast’s approach is very advanced in terms of technology. The include 3D printing, computer flight simulations and wind tunnel testing which means that their discs are truly top notch and flawless. The models they make are the following: Berg, Falk, Grym, Grym X, Kaxe, Kaxe Z, Rask, Reko and Stål. Shop now

Prodiscus | Prodiscus is a Finnish disc golf manufacturer that provides a line up of 13 discs that serve different purposes. The selection ranges from putters to distance drivers and the discs come in three types of plastic: Basic, Premium and Ultrium. Shop now

Disctroyer | When passion is involved, anything can be done. Disctroyer was founded in Estonia by two disc golf players that were searching for a unified and a clear color-coded marking system for discs’ differentiation. Since there wasn’t anything suitable on the market they decided to do the work themselves. Disctroyer’s first disc received the official Certification of the Professional Discgolf Association (PDGA) in March 2019. Shop now