Rasmus Metsamaa: I had dreamed of this for a long time, and sometimes dreams do come true

Rasmus Metsamaa: I had dreamed of this for a long time, and sometimes dreams do come true

What motivated you to become a professional disc golfer?

When I first encountered disc golf, I never imagined I’d become a professional athlete or that professional disc golf even existed. I’ve always enjoyed competition, and progressing from weekly matches to larger tournaments was thrilling for me. Over time, I started seeing some results and realized I had some skill in the game. My interest and desire to get more involved grew, along with the dream of one day getting paid to play disc golf. These strong motivations led me to take the bold step to go all-in. Fun fact - during my first year as a pro, my performance actually declined.

When did disc golf take on a new meaning for you?

It all started after my first competition, the Saku Trilogy Challenge on July 26, 2016. From then on, I loved competing and spent every weekend participating in two local matches a day, with training and other matches during the week. I quit my day job in 2020, initially relying on savings, and didn’t think I could make a living from disc golf. However, one thing led to another, and here I am.

Besides being a professional athlete, you’re also a coach. What has your journey as a coach been like?

Over the years, I’ve given hundreds of private lessons, conducted dozens of workshops, and organized various disc golf events, which have been the most educational aspects of coaching for me. I’ve also focused on improving my technique, using feedback and information from YouTube and other sources. Officially, I hold a level 3 coaching certification in disc golf. Although my education exempted me from needing this level, I obtained it anyway because it was unclear how long it would take to achieve level 5. Fun fact - I significantly contributed to the development of disc golf coaching materials.

Photo from Rasmus Metsamaa's private collection

What does a typical day look like for you as a coach and as an athlete?

I enjoy both roles, but I always prefer my days as an athlete. I love long days on the course or intense physical training days. As a coach, my days vary with different training sessions, workshops, and classes. Some days I teach school classes in the morning and have group or private training sessions in the evening.

How many regular trainees do you have, and how often do you give private lessons?

Currently, I have one regular trainee (if I count myself, then two). The demand for private lessons increases with better weather, often becoming overwhelming. During winter, training sessions are less frequent, although it’s the best time to focus on improving technique. I hope people’s habits will change in the future, making the winter season busier.

What are your most memorable moments as a coach?

Coaching brings many emotions. It feels great when someone makes a good throw and shows excitement, or when we solve a long-standing problem. It’s also rewarding when someone praises a training session or acknowledges its benefits, which isn’t typical in Estonian culture. One standout moment was during the EDGL Cup at Jõulumäe when a trainee managed to win from an almost impossible situation.

How does being a coach affect your athletic career?

Balancing both roles is challenging, but the knowledge I gain as a coach definitely makes me a better athlete.

Rasmus Metsamaa at the European Disc Golf Championships 2023
📷 Kristjan Noormets

You’re also a sponsored player. How did you achieve this, and what are the benefits and responsibilities?

I had dreamed of this for a long time, and sometimes dreams do come true. The path wasn’t exactly as I expected, but it’s been great. Winning a couple of Estonian championships probably helped. The contract details are confidential, but it definitely supports my career.

Which three discs in your bag have become your favorites?

Slammer - "I use the Slammer for almost all my approaches - with forehand, it works at any strength and angle; with backhand, I tend to throw more softly."

Honor - "A disc that is stable enough and fast enough, providing a bit more control than drivers. Suitable for both backhand and forehand."

Havoc - "A disc that introduced the roller to my throwing arsenal, and I still enjoy throwing rollers with this disc."

I also bag:


Emac Blend Judge
Medium Agent
Medium Gauntlet
Moonshine Maiden
Raptor Eye Fuzion-X Slammer





Orbit Trust
Soft Justice
Vip-X Moonshine Nikko Anvil
Classic Blend Suspect
Lucid Ice Suspect



Gold Diamond
Moonshine Explorer
Grand Brave
Grand Honor
Gold Trident
Fluid Felon
Frost XXX
Gold Saint Pro

Distance Drivers:
Grand Strive
Gold X Ballista Pro
Fluid Enforcer
Lucid X Raider
Opto Havoc
Opto Air Ballista Pro

How can people join your training sessions?

Visit my website! You’ll find my contact information there, just write to me, and we’ll find the best solutions.

If someone has the same dreams of becoming a professional athlete or coach, what are your top three tips for success?

1. Work hard and be diligent.
2. Set clear goals and break them down into manageable steps.
3. Be a versatile player – master different aspects of the game.

What are your expectations and goals for this season in disc golf?

To play disc golf, enjoy it, and do my best. Listen to my body and take good care of it!