UDiscbanor. A global disc golf course collector's journey through Estonia

UDiscbanor. A global disc golf course collector's journey through Estonia

Andreas, known as Udiscbanor on Instagram and UDisc, visited Estonia and played 192 disc golf parks in two weeks. This journey was part of his goal to become the player with the largest collection of disc golf courses in the world.

192 disc golf parks, 2320 holes, 507,833 steps. Why and how are probably the first questions that come to mind. We met Andreas at the Coolbet Järve disc golf park to get answers to these questions. Watch the video interview here:

Andreas' journey into disc golf began in an unexpected way. A former professional athlete specializing in long jump and high jump, Andreas competed at a high level, even participating in the 2013 European Junior Championships in Tallinn. However, after retiring from track and field in 2022, he turned his attention to disc golf, a sport he had dabbled in since 2012.

"When I quit track and field, I thought maybe I could do disc golf professionally because I was pretty good at it," he says. "But I didn’t have the motivation for the professional level anymore. So, I started playing courses for fun during my travels around Sweden."

Initially, disc golf was a pastime to break the monotony of his road trips for track and field competitions. However, it soon became a serious pursuit. By 2019, Andreas began organizing trips specifically to play and collect disc golf courses. His dedication over the past five years has led him to over 2,000 courses worldwide.udiscbanor in estonia

"My goal is to be number one in disc golf course collection," Andreas declares. "There are some older guys in the USA who have been playing since the '80s and '90s and have more courses than me, but I’m catching up."

Andreas isn’t just collecting courses; he’s also a part of a community. He participates in online groups where enthusiasts share their experiences and track their progress. This network includes about 30 to 40 individuals in the USA who have played over 1,000 courses.

Choosing destinations for his travels involves careful planning. "I look for countries with the most courses in close proximity, good weather, and affordable travel costs," Andreas explains. His recent travels included Finland and France, and he has plans to visit Iceland and Åland next.

To fund his adventures, Andreas balances work and studies in Sweden. "I live cheaply, avoid unnecessary expenses, and have a supportive family," he notes. "In Sweden, we have good financial support for students, which helps."udiscbanor in estonia

Despite the challenges, including high costs and logistical hurdles, Andreas remains passionate and committed. His travels have given him insights into the quality and maintenance of courses worldwide. In Estonia, he noticed a stark contrast between well-maintained 18-hole courses and neglected 9-hole courses with overgrown grass.

"Good sponsorship helps build quality courses," he says. "But maintenance is equally important. Poorly maintained courses can discourage new players."

udiscbanor in estonia

As Andreas prepares to play his final course in Estonia, he reflects on the journey. "This is my last course in Estonia for now, and it's going to be fun, even though my adrenaline is running low," he says, smiling.

Beyond just playing, Andreas also contributes by mapping out course layouts and taking pictures for UDisc, helping others navigate and enjoy disc golf courses. His meticulous planning, sometimes fitting in as many as 150 holes a day, shows his dedication.

When Andreas returned home, he slept for 12 hours before entering his local weekly disc golf tournament—and winning it. "It was easy, just 18 holes. It was hard mentally to play 18 holes over 2 hours, I’m not used to being that slow," he said with a laugh.

If you're wondering if any of the Estonian courses made his TOP 50, then yes!

Let's check them out:

3. Sportland Elva
6. Mäetaguse
7. Terminal Oil
16. Kõrvemaa
24. Viru-Jaagupi
28. Olustvere
40. Pöide
42. Valuoja Rotary
47. Tamsalu
50. Paluküla

Andreas’ story is one of passion, determination, and a quest to be the best. His travels and experiences highlight the growing global community of disc golf and inspire others to explore the sport. As he continues his journey, one thing is clear: Andreas is not just collecting courses; he's building a legacy in the world of disc golf.

Check out the full video interview here: