The popularity of disc golf among Estonian women is continually growing

The popularity of disc golf among Estonian women is continually growing

Disc golf is currently one of the fastest growing sports among Estonians and among players of all age groups. Disc golf can be played by absolutely anyone and it is actually a type of sport that is excellent to practice with family or friends.

More and more female players can be seen on courses, both beginners and experienced players. However, for some reason, at most competitions there are usually only a couple of female participants. Therefore, the idea arose to gather everyone together and get to know each other better. The idea was executed very quickly and together with the team a competition dedicated to female players only (called “Rajal ainult naised”/“Only women on the course”) was created.

The main goal of the competition was to increase the popularity of disc golf among women and encourage them to take part in competitions more actively. Such competitions serve as an excellent starting point for women to overcome their fear of taking part in competitions, meet other players and find new friends and players to practice with.

The “Rajal ainult naised” competition that took place last year at Tallinn Song Festival Grounds turned out to be extremely popular and it was sold out within two days (90 players). Until then, it was also the biggest competition ever held specifically for women. As of last year, it was also one of the largest in Europe! But of course, what is there to be surprised about as the Estonian women have an excellent role model Kristin Tattar, the World Champion. It is precisely because of this influence that Latitude 64 is the main sponsor of this year's competition!

If last year we limited ourselves to one big competition then this time we planned to  go on a bigger tour all around Estonia with this competition. The destinations that we picked are the following: Männiku Disc Golf Park in Harjumaa, Sindi Disc Golf Park in Pärnumaa, Roosi Disc Golf Park in Tartu. All this to make sure that we reach as many female players as possible!, Rajal ainult naised, latitude64, only women on the course

Latitude 64 presents: “Rajal ainult naised 2023” was kicked off on Saturday!

On Saturday, April the 15th, the opening round of the “Rajal ainult naised” disc golf competition, that is dedicated to female players only, took place.

Both doubles and individual rounds have become part of the “Rajal ainult naised” competition. The purpose of the doubles game is of course to generate new acquaintances and shake off the potential initial anxiety that participating in a competition might create.

There are three different classes for the competition which means that players that have only recently found their way to disc golf also have the opportunity to get on the podium. The opening stage of the competition also showed that the competition was very popular among beginners (as ratings were mostly under 800 points). This shows that the disc golf community among female players is increasing rapidly and there are new players constantly joining.

In addition to the main competition there are also several side competitions taking place, e.g. the CTP competition, “the longest putt” competition and a fun picture game. There are enough prizes for the raffle as well!, rajal ainult naised, latitude 64, Rajal ainult naised, Women disc golf, Rajal ainult naised, women disc golf, Rajal ainult naised

Would you like to participate?
Latitude 64 presents: the next stage of the “Rajal ainult naised” competition will take place on the 17th of June in Tartu, Southern Estonia (Roosi Disc Golf Park).

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2nd stage | June 17th | Tartu, Roosi Disc Golf Park
3rd stage | July 16th | Pärnu, Sindi Disc Golf Park, Rajal ainult naised

Latitude 64 presents: the “Rajal ainult naised” competition is supported by several sponsors: Latitude 64,, Vitamin Well Estonia, Barebells Estonia, Olla Ehe, Black Giraffe Brand, 24/7, Beautiful Me Rullmassaaž.

We will meet you at the next stage in Tartu, Southern Estonia.
Maria Liivamägi, the main organizer of the “Rajal ainult naised” competition.

Photos: Celin Lannusalu