In the Bag of the Queen: Kristin Tattar's Winning Disc Selections

In the Bag of the Queen: Kristin Tattar's Winning Disc Selections

Welcome to our 'In the Bag' series, where we unravel the secrets behind the game of champions. Join us as we delve into the disc selections of some of the top MPO and FPO players, discovering the discs that fuel their victories and shape their winning strategies.

Today, we're delving into the bag of one of disc golf's iconic players, Kristin Tattar. With a reputation that precedes her, Kristin stands tall as the undisputed queen of the disc golf world. This year, she achieved the incredible feat of capturing the grand slam, triumphing in all four major tournaments of the season. But her victories don’t stop there; she also clinched the European and World Championships titles, proving her dominance on a global scale.

What sets Kristin apart, besides her skill, is her strong mental game, reinforced by her choice of discs from Latitude 64. Let’s hear it directly from her about her favorite discs:

Grace: "Grace is a very special disc for me, since it is the only disc that I fell in love with immediately after only a couple of throws. I think the new blend of plastic fits very well in my hand, which makes it easy to trust it, even in wet or cold conditions. In addition to that, I think Grace was something that I had been looking for in the Latitude 64 lineup. It is perfect for hyzer flip max distance shots for me, and I can't imagine my bag without it!"

Saint Pro: "Saint Pro has been my favorite fairway driver since I started playing with Latitude 64. It has been a staple in my bag ever since. With its amazing glide and controllable speed, it makes a great weapon in navigating long tunnel shots where both accuracy and distance are required. On wooded courses, this is quite often the highest speed disc that I use."

Moonshine Pure: "Moonshine Pure has turned out to be my favorite putting putter. It has a comfortable shallow rim combined with a good blend of plastic, making it a perfect grip for me. The flight path of the Pure is very predictable; it is a straight-flying disc with minimal fade and lots of glide. This makes even outside the circle putts look easy."

And now, the discs that Kristin Tattar trusts in her bag:

Putting putter:

Moonshine Pure

Throwing putter:

Gold Pure


Medium Harp





Fairway drivers:

Saint Pro





Distance drivers:




PS! You can filter all of Kristin’s discs in the store as well!