Innova Star Avatar INNFuse (Overmold)

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Avatar INNfuse 5 I 4 I 0 I 2


The Avatar unites the best of Innova’s iconic mid-ranges. With DNA from the Lion, Atlas, and Roc3—decorated in multi-color INNfuse inks—the Avatar is the complete mid-range. Molded in the premium Star plastic, the firm flight plate is fused to a comfortable rim for smooth releases and stable flights.

The Avatar utilizes Innova's OverMold technology. It is made from two separate pieces of Star plastic that are firmly mounted together. Much like other OverMold discs, the Avatar features four 'compass points' located on the underside of the disc. These ports are where the rim is injected, allowing the flight plate and rim to bond. There are also four ‘witness marks’ on the top of the flight plate that correspond to these ports.