Kristin Tattar at the DMC, picture by Kevin Huver

Throws and textbooks: all about Kristin Tattar's off-season

Welcome to an insight into the off-season life of one of disc golf's brighest stars, Kristin Tattar. Kristin talks about the balance between different aspects of her life, her training routins, mental game and aspirations for the next season. Let's go!

Kristin, you've been home for a almost three months now. What have you been up to? Any specific activities or projects that have kept you busy?

Time has indeed flown by these past few months. November and December were particularly bustling for me. The highlight was undoubtedly my nomination for the Estonian Female Athlete of the Year award. The competition was intense and ultimately, I finished as the runner-up, just a point shy of the top spot. It was an exhilarating experience, and the media appearances kept me quite occupied.

In addition to the media engagements, I’ve been managing academic responsibilities as well. Balancing school with my athletic career is always a challenge, but it’s one I embrace wholeheartedly.

Training for the upcoming season has been my primary focus. My routine involves regular gym sessions, a mix of cardiovascular exercises like running, skiing, and playing tennis, and of course, dedicated time for throwing practice. This well-rounded approach keeps me in top shape and ready for the challenges ahead.

A highlight of my training regime was the opportunity to attend a training camp in Spain during the New Year. This experience was not only beneficial for my physical preparation but also provided a refreshing change of scenery and a boost to my mental focus.

So yes, it’s been a period full of activity and excitement, setting the stage for what I hope will be a successful season ahead.

Kristin Tattar at the 2023 Zoo Town Open 📸 Gage Hamilton disc golf EuropeKristin Tattar at the 2023 Zoo Town Open 📸 Gage Hamilton

Can you walk us through a typical day for you during the off-season? How do you structure your time both on and off the course? 

The approach I take to training varies depending on how close we are to the start of the season. During the off-season months, like November and December, you’ll find me spending less time on the course and more time focusing on general fitness. This period is crucial for building strength and endurance, so I prioritize gym workouts and various cardiovascular activities. It’s about laying the foundation for the more intensive disc golf training that comes later.

As the season draws nearer, there’s a gradual shift in my routine. You’ll see me increasingly on the disc golf course, honing my skills and techniques specific to the sport. The frequency and intensity of playing disc golf ramp up significantly as we approach the season start.

So, in essence, my training schedule is dynamic. It’s meticulously planned to ensure that I’m not only maintaining a base level of fitness but also peaking in my disc golf skills right as the season kicks off.

How often do you work out and what does your workout routine typically consist of during the off-season?

I make it a point to engage in some form of sports activity daily to maintain fitness. My routine primarily includes gym workouts, cardio exercises, and other enjoyable activities like beach tennis and skiing.

Are there specific aspects of your disc golf game that you're prioritizing for improvement during the off-season? Any particular skills or techniques you're working on?

Actually, I don’t focus on one specific area since I’m quite a well-rounded player. My main goal is to maintain consistency in all aspects of my game, experimenting with new discs, and getting my body in top condition for the upcoming season.

As you are known for your strong mental game, do you actively work on the mental aspect of your game during the off-season? Are there specific strategies or exercises you employ?

I consider mental preparation a crucial aspect of my daily routine. This includes practices like meditation, reading about mental strategies, participating in relaxation rituals, maintaining a balanced diet, and taking nutritional supplements. At the highest level, many players possess the skills to excel, but the mental aspect often differentiates the great players from the rest.

Kristin Tattar at the 2023 Champions Cup discgolf EuropeKristin Tattar at the 2023 Champions Cup

Does your diet undergo any changes during the off-season compared to the competitive season? Could you share insights into what your typical off-season diet looks like?

The key difference lies in the ease of accessing healthy food. In Estonia, the awareness and availability of a balanced diet, especially organic and naturally grown foods, are remarkably high. The range of vegan-friendly options is also expanding rapidly, which suits my preference for a meat-free diet. Finding healthy alternatives is essential for me, and I’m fortunate to have the support of Martens Kitchen & Bar in Pärnu, who supply delicious vegan bowls, and, who provide me with top-quality nutritional supplements.

How do you manage the balance between disc golf and related commitments and personal life during the off-season, and are there any specific challenges you've encountered?

Balancing my professional and personal life can be challenging, especially last season when the external attention felt overwhelming at times. However, having my fiancée, Silver, who is also a pro disc golfer, by my side is a huge advantage. We tour together for much of the year, which helps us maintain our closeness and personal life.

Mauri Levandi PCS Open disc golf europe

Kristin and Silver at the 2023 PCS Open. 📸 Mauri Levandi

Additionally, since November, I’ve had the support of a new manager who assists with off-course activities. This has significantly eased my load, allowing me to focus more on being the best version of myself on the course. Things are looking up, and I’m optimistic about devoting more time to my game.

Looking ahead, what are your goals for the upcoming disc golf season in 2024? Any specific achievements or milestones you're aiming for?

I’m focused on giving my best in all areas – as an athlete, as a person, and in developing my brand. The world is full of opportunities, and I believe firmly in the power of setting our minds on our goals. With this mindset, I am confident that positive outcomes will follow. I’m truly excited and eagerly anticipating the start of the season.

We hope you've enjoyed gaining a deeper understanding of her life beyond the courses. For those eager to support Kristin, consider adding some of her signature discs to your collection. We look forward to witnessing her grace on the course during the upcoming season!