Rachel Turton's royal arsenal: in the bag of the UK's disc golf queen

Rachel Turton's royal arsenal: in the bag of the UK's disc golf queen

Welcome to our 'In the Bag' series, where we unravel the secrets behind the game of champions. Join us as we delve into the disc selections of some of the top FPO players, discovering the discs that fuel their victories and shape their winning strategies.

Today, we step into the disc golf world of Rachel Turton, a 2x British Champ! In the 2023 season, Rachel was very proud and happy to travel to the US and compete in 3 DGPT events while exploring the Pacific Northwest, ultimately finishing 10th at the Portland Open!

Rachel relies on her trusted Prodigy discs to navigate the challenges on her disc golf journey. Let's take a closer look at her favorites.

⭐D1 this is my favourite driver, and I carry 4 in my bag, all in different stages of being beaten in. It's so reliable and has a very long flight with a hard fade.

⭐Stryder is one of my favourite discs in my bag, it flies perfectly straight for my backhand and is great for lacing tunnel shots or when you need a backhand that won't fade out.

⭐A3 this disc is my go to upshot disc for forehand and backhand. It feels great in the hand and is really reliable in all wind conditions, making it one of my most thrown discs!

And then a special mention to a new favourite: ⭐Pa5 this was a new addition for me this year and has really become a cheatcode for my game! It makes turnover forehands and backhands feel so easy and it's the perfect disc for tricky scramble shots! As an ex ultimate player, it feels and flies like a mini ultrastar!

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