I played my first (snow) glow round and I loved it

I played my first (snow) glow round and I loved it

Hi! I'm Kristi, and despite my nearly decade-long journey in disc golf, I just experienced my first glow round – and it was a total blast!  I did some LED rounds a few years back, but those were mainly spent looking at the stars and enjoying the warm summer nights. Yesterday was a whole new vibe!

We have about 50cm of snow here in Tallinn, Estonia and I thought, why not try a snow glow round? Honestly, it was the best decision ever! Even with the sky pitch black, the snow on the ground and in the trees provided just enough light to see where we were walking without drowning out the glow of the discs.

A few days earlier, I grabbed the Kastaplast Svea and Lots, along with the Latitude64 Bolt from our Kassi12 headquarters. Also, can't forget my trusty KT Moonshine Pure for putting. No prior experience with Kastaplast, but if I hadn't lost the Lots (more on that in a bit), it would be in my bag for sure. But before we dive into the lost disc saga, let's chat about the Lots, my favorite disc of the night.

Kastaplast Lots discgolf europe glow

This disc is seriously versatile – throw it flat or in an anhyzer, and it gracefully holds, but expect a sharp fade at the end. Hyzers? No problem. Stronger arms might even flip it, though I'm not quite there yet. And here's the surprise – forehand throws. I'm mostly a backhand thrower, but with a few unexpected tree hits, I had to switch it up, and the Lots flew like a dream, maintaining a straight line with a sharp fade. Beautiful stuff!

Now, about that lost disc – yup, still hurts a bit. The Lots was glowing nicely, but it must've taken a tree hit we couldn't spot, and it vanished. Hopefully, warmer temperatures will melt it out of its hiding spot! All together, our 4-person crew lost three discs that night. The other two were using tapes, and honestly, if you're planning on playing in the dark, go for glow discs. They're way easier to spot and find, totally worth the investment.

KT Moonshine Pure Latitude 64 Blt Kastaplast Glow Lots discgolf europe

To wrap it up, I urge everyone to give a glow round a shot! Grab a disc or two, a UV light, some lights for the basket (seriously, it helps!), bring a friend, and just have a blast. It's an experience that'll stick with you! Check out the video down below to get a hint of what it was like.