Clash Discs – which disc to choose?

Clash Discs – which disc to choose?

We've said it before and we'll say it again - Finland and disc golf go hand in hand like Finland and sauna. Clash Discs, crafted with precision and passion in North Karelia, Finland, is a prime example of how doing something with your whole heart will lead to excellence.

Each Clash disc is a testament to the rich tradition of plastics expertise in Finland. Drawing upon this legacy, Clash Discs harnesses the best possible know-how to craft top-tier features for disc golf, ensuring that every throw feels just right.

But which discs to choose as your intro to the brand? Let's hear what some team players have to say.

First up, Anthony Enden, the Estonian powerarm:

Tone Salt: "The newest addition to my bag for bombing distance - whether it is an open field or semi-tight wooded corridor, this disc has already proven to be the perfect tool to go for those extra meters. Clash Discs has once again nailed the finishing touches, as with everything in the past - Tone Salt feels like it belongs in your hand…until you send it flying far-far away!"

Steady Lotus: "Really versatile for all types of players. For beginners, an 8-speed disc works well as a distance driver and Lotus might be the one to try! Intermediate and advanced players will definitely find this disc useful with both backhand and sidearm, having that slight flippy mid-flight and reliable finishing fade. Might be one of the most underrated molds in Clash’s driver lineup, but this disc FLIES!"

Sunny Berry: "You want that midrange that you can RIP and it will glide straight into infinity? Well, maybe a bit less so you don’t lose it. Sunny Berry is the most stable version of Berry that has come out of the factory yet, which gives you the permit to smash it hard without flipping it into a roller. Also, Sunny plastic is premium quality, that doesn’t wear in that quickly which gives you the same flight pattern for a longer time! For players with slower armspeed, I suggest Steady Berry and you will have the straightest, most comfortable midrange you have ever thrown!"

Anthony Enden at Mäetaguse. Kristjan Noormets photo.
Anthony Enden at Mäetaguse. Kristjan Noormets photo. 

What about Heidi Laine, the Finn who has been touring in USA? Well, her favorite discs are:

Popcorn - a salty straight beadless putter that works perfectly as a direct throwing putter. Also, it's her team series disc.

Berry - a straight multi-purpose midrange that holds its throwing angle well. It turns slightly over at high speed and glides far.

Cookie - a straight to stable fairway driver offering a reliable flight path. Great for forehand players too. It's the all-in-one disc.

Heidi Laine Clash Discs USWDGC Khuver DGPT Disc golf europe
Heidi Laine at the USWDGC 2024. DGPT/Khuver photo.

We hope this helped you understand the world of Clash Discs a bit more, so go ahead and discover the full Clash selection in our store and find your favourite!